? (S)MYTHOLOGY | A Novel by Jeremy Tarr | Illustrations by Katy Smail | Available May 2011

(S)MYTHOLOGY | A Novel by Jeremy Tarr | Illustrations by Katy Smail | Available March 2011

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Charming, poignant and absurdly funny, (S)mythology is a contemporary fairy-tale that whisks you on a wild adventure from the streets of London to the far reaches of the globe—from haunted islands to African villages, from the peaks of the Alps to the depths of the Underworld. Twenty-one year old Sophie has spent her entire life in virtual seclusion in a London flat fearful that should she venture out into the world the curse that was placed on her as an infant would turn friends and lovers into stone (marble, to be exact) just by merely looking at her. But when events beyond her control drive her onto the streets of London, she must combat her fears and battle the forces that have kept her hidden away since childhood.

Told with tongue-in-cheek wit and wry whimsy by first time author, Jeremy Tarr, and with sixty-four illustrations by Katy Smail, (S)mythology is a novel about the mythology of love and the fairy-tale of life and death.


JEREMY TARR    In Jeremy’s mind he wears a monocle every day. It perches there as he sits in restaurants reading the menu and the daily paper. When he comes across news items that shock him, the monocle pops from his socket and clatters on the table. He sips his drink and re-affixes it. In reality, Jeremy has 20/20 vision. (S)mythology is his first novel.

KATY SMAIL   Katy was born under the dusty trees of Scotland, learnt to draw among the gothic stone of Edinburgh before running away to New York City where she spends her days drawing tragic girls, fragile hearts, lost lovers and forgotten stories…

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